Pictures of
Albrecht Dürer

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Artists portrait of Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer

  • Born: 21. May 1471 in Nuernberg
  • Died: 6. April 1528

The German Master of the Renaissance

Albrecht Dürer was born on May 21, 1471, in Nuremberg, Germany. At a young age, he showed exceptional talent for art and began his education in his father's workshop, who was a goldsmith. Later, he became a student of the painter Michael Wolgemut, where he learned the techniques of painting and woodcut.

Dürer is considered one of the most significant artists of the Renaissance, known for his technical mastery and innovative style. He experimented with perspective, light and shadow, creating realistic and highly detailed works. He was also one of the first artists to extensively explore self-portraiture.

Dürer embarked on several journeys, including to Italy, where he studied the works of Italian Renaissance artists and was influenced by them. These travels shaped his style and brought new ideas and techniques back to his hometown of Nuremberg.

Notable Works
  • The Hare (1502): This watercolor and gouache masterpiece showcases Dürer's meticulous representation of nature and his ability to master light and shadow.
  • Self-Portrait in a Fur Collared Robe (1500): This iconic self-portrait depicts Dürer with impressive attention to detail, conveying a strong sense of individuality and introspection.
  • Melencolia I (1514): This copperplate engraving is a complex and enigmatic work, incorporating various symbols and allegories, showcasing Dürer's interest in science and geometry.
  • The Four Apostles (1526): This painting depicting the apostles Peter, John, Mark, and Paul is an outstanding example of Dürer's ability to express human characters and emotions in his works.
  • Adam and Eve (1507): This painting, portraying the biblical couple, stands out for Dürer's realistic depiction of bodies and faces, as well as his meticulous attention to details.

In his later years, Dürer suffered from health issues that limited his artistic productivity. Nevertheless, he continued to work and left behind an extensive artistic legacy. Albrecht Dürer passed away on April 6, 1528, in Nuremberg, but his influence on art history is still felt today.

Dürer's works are exhibited in renowned museums around the world and have inspired generations of artists. His technical brilliance, innovative approaches, and pursuit of artistic perfection have made him a central figure in the history of European art.

To our knowledge the art works on this page were created in the years from 1495 to 1600.
The pictures are predominantly assigned to the art direction Renaissance.
Albrecht Dürer was mainly concerned with the following motives: Religious.
The art works of the artist are dominated by the colors gray, black and pastel.
3 works of the artist Albrecht Dürer can be found here: Graphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna, Austria.

Stretcher on canvas

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Framed pictures

We frame almost every picture. You can choose from many different frames. Passepartouts are just as much a part of your choice as are various options for surface protection. So »Self-portrait/ c.1490« of Albrecht Dürer becomes a highlight for your living room or bedroom.

Glass pictures

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Wall papers

Spacefull art from Albrecht Dürer. This gives »Innsbruck from North / 1494/95« a whole new look. The wallpapers are printed according to your information in the latex printing process on solid fleece material.