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Pia Phönix

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Artists portrait of Pia Phönix

Pia Phönix

  • Born: in Bremerhaven
  • Lives (lived) in Hamburg
The artist born in Bremerhaven in 1958 lives in Hamburg since 1983. A winding and creative vocational path led the learned facial stylist past meteorological studies to decorative painting. Fascinated by the coloury effect of flowers, flower-motifs are a central theme of her work. Having become aware of the impact of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper and bronze as a decorator, she finaly composed her classic flower-works on a metallic base, which she revised in its effectiveness through oxidation techniques and hatching in order to beslow a special character on the texture of her works. Pia Phoenix works as a freelance artist since 1991, whereby her roses have found numerous admirers in the Nord German precinct through a series of exhibitions to the extent that they are preceded by a certain cult characteristic. In their chubby- baroque impact,the rose pictures of Hamburg artist Pia Phoenix are a challenge for every enjoyer and sensualist. Red roses, symbol for love and passion, meet with the colour gold, which stands for luxury an excessive wealth. As a highly decorative pictorial element these paintings on gold leaf are ornament and eye-catcher in every furnishing that demands high esthetical standards.
The pictures are predominantly assigned to the art direction others.
The art works of the artist are dominated by the colors brown and red.

Art Cards

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