Manu Allicot
Manu Allicot
Born on 00/00/0000
Died on 00/00/0000
Lives (lived) in France

My name: Manu Allicot 37 years I am a photographer and graphic designer in Périgueux in the Dordogne but radiates throughout the French territory and neighboring countries.

My artistic look makes my particularly personal and recognizable work.

My travel experiences in other countries, Switzerland, Canada, Scotland , Spain, etc. ... 
and inspirations naturally attract me to a visual graphic, colorful and varied.

The identification details on the stagings in space, through the shooting of scenes they are life or concerts, landscapes etc. 
I input expressions, posed portraits or taken "on the fly".

In 2015 i was Finalist of the Famous Contest  MOF Meilleur Ouvrier de France ( Best Worker of France Finalist ) in Art Photography

My representations tend to design the space photographed table to always magnify what I see.

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