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What distinguishes famous artists?

Famous is someone who is »well-known for special performance or quality«.
There are a lot more artists that are not famous than famous artists. The famous artists set themselves apart from the crowd and create something special (unique). The biggest difference between the famous artists and those who are not is probably that the artists who have become famous, stepped out of the usual way of thinking (of their time) and have created something new.
Leonardo da Vinci, the most famous painter of the Renaissance, was extremely innovative. He studied nature and put his new knowledge into his paintings and drawings. Works of art emerged that never existed before. Leonardo da Vinci opened up new perspectives through his art. His most famous painting is the Mona Lisa. It inspires on the one hand by the fascination of the unsolved, on the other hand by the unique style of painting. Leonardo da Vinci painted several very thin layers of paint with very fine brushstrokes. The smile of Mona Lisa shimmers only slightly and seems to be there and not there at the same time. The difficulty of his art is very high, which is another reason for his fame.
A lot of people also measure the artistic value by its difficulty. However, taking the level of difficulty as the benchmark for art is a wrong approach. For example, Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous classic modern artists, has created many works of art that are composed of one or a few black lines. Pablo Picasso's works of art (such as the dog, the flamingo, the owl) are not particularly hard to recreate, but they have revolutionized art and offered a whole new artistic perspective.
The »special achievement« that makes a famous artist widely known is also to look beyond imaginary boundaries and to create something new. Famous artists have the courage to change, which creates a great fascination for their art.

How does death affect the fame of an artist?

The fame of an artist often influences the value (price) of his art. After the death of an artist, his art remains. One might think that the value of this art is now increasing because the artist can no longer create works of art. In most cases, however, the opposite is the case. A not-so-well-known artist can raise the price of his art during his lifetime through exhibitions and his personality. If an artist is dead, he can no longer present himself and the price for his art decreases.
Another possibility is that an artist becomes famous only after his death, because his pictures were never shown during his lifetime. Vincent van Gogh sent his artworks to his brother, who supported him financially. It was not until van Gogh and his brother were dead that his brother's wife came up with the idea of exhibiting van Gogh's art. As a result, Vincent van Gogh became famous only after his death.
Sometimes it is also the case that the now famous artists offended with their innovative ideas and people did not understand their art previously. Later the effect of their art unfolded and was recognized as a special achievement.
The art market is constantly evolving and therefore the art of an artist can be discovered at any time or never. The value of art can suddenly rise or fall, as with all assets, regardless of whether an artist lives or is dead.

Buying famous works of art

Buying an original artwork created by an artist who is already famous is financially impossible for most people. A cheaper alternative are art prints.
Modern art printing techniques make it possible to reproduce works of art and make them look deceptively real. Art prints are created by artistic printing techniques and are characterized by their great variety of colours and high quality.
Not everyone can reproduce and sell every piece of art. If an artist is still alive, he can grant licenses to print his pictures and enter into contracts with companies. From the time of death until 70 years after the death of an artist, licenses are still required to print his pictures. The picture rights are inherited and the heirs can sell licenses.
Seventy years after the death of an artist, his pictures become public domain and a license to print and sell them is no longer needed. In order to reproduce artworks, companies still have to sign contracts with museum archives to get the image data. At kunst-für-alle art prints of famous artworks from many famous artists are available. There is large selection of motifs and the size is freely selectable. You can choose between a variety of papers and finishes, also the selection of framing is huge.